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Audiobook Narration

In 2015 I discovered audiobook narration and since then I have almost always had at least one title in production at any given time, sometimes multiple titles. I am a non-fiction specialist and currently have over 200 titles to my credit.

If you are an author or publisher and have one or more titles that are not in audio but are trending well in digital sales, I would suggest we have a chat about an audiobook edition. Audio is undoubtably the fastest growing segment in the publishing industry and presents an opportunity to get your material in front of a completely new audience that is just waiting to hear what you have to say.

To discuss narration of a book, or even if you just have questions regarding audiobook narration or publishing, please feel free to Contact Me

Click here to download or play an mp3 non-fiction audiobook demo.


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Selected Audiobook Titles

Click on any of the covers below to view the title on Audible and listen to the sample audio of my narration of that title. Note that links are narrator affiliate links, so if you end up purchasing an Audible subscription through the link, they may provide me with revenue (and thanks for that by the way!).