About Mike Norgaard

I am a full time voiceover pro working predominately from my home studio which is equipped with commercial grade equipment, is sound treated and offers phone patch and Skype accessibility for real time monitoring and direction as needed. I am able to produce broadcast ready audio on very short notice due to my home studio accessibility. I am also available to travel within reason to nearby studios for recording sessions as needed.

Raised on the radio, I enjoyed a broadcasting career which included on air stints in various markets across Texas including major market radio in Dallas, Texas in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s while attending college and graduate school. While I enjoyed radio immensely and have many fond memories of great times during my radio days it eventually came time to make a more stable living (anyone familiar with the radio industry will know what I mean here). I acquired two Masters degrees from the University of North Texas while staying connected to the radio industry to an extent and venturing into the realm of voiceover for the first time, save some in house radio commercial production at various stations.

There were two primary challenges in the transition into voiceover from radio, the first was losing the announcer delivery which I had so carefully honed over years of training. The second was the lack of access to commercial grade recording equipment. Years of gradual growth and development, coaching and practice led to development of a less announcer and more warm, friendly and genuine approach to voiceover work. As audio recording technology continued to develop and higher quality studio equipment become more widely available for the home studio environment the second hurdle was cleared.

I now enjoy getting up each and every day to new and different opportunities. Most days are now filled with chatting with clients, commercial reads, video narrations, e-learning reads and producing audiobooks. Of course there is the occasional voicemail greeting or real estate audio tour as well.

I live in Bedford, Texas with my wife of about 20 years and 3 sons. I enjoy the opportunity to do what I love every day and I also work as the public address announcer for multiple sports organizations at various levels from high school through the pros.

I invite you to connect with me now about your next project and let’s discuss what you are looking (moreso listening) for and how I can help you achieve your project goals.

Please feel free to contact Mike at 817-680-8356 or mike@voiceovermike.com